Scholarship Programme



1. What is the NAkDeF Scholarship Scheme?

Newmont Akyem Development Foundation (NAkDeF) scholarship scheme was established to build the capacity of students in the Newmont Akyem Mine Project Communities, in order to help improve and sustain the level of education through the provision of bursaries to brilliant but needy students. . Scholarships shall be awarded strictly on the basis of demonstrated financial need, academic merit and availability of funds in a community’s Human Resource Development Allocation.

2. Who can apply?

Applicant must be a Ghanaian, a validated citizen of a community, with a minimum of five (5) years residence and should have obtained admission into a Government approved secondary/tertiary institution

3. Is there any age limit?
Applicant should not be more than 40 years old.

4.How do I apply?

NAkDeF would call for applications at the beginning of the secondary/tertiary school calendar each academic year. Interested persons should pick up free application and validation forms from the Newmont Information Centres or their community SDC members. The completed Application form must be signed by applicants, their guardian or parents, and endorsed by at least five (5) SDC members in their respective communities.

5.Am I to pay any amount of money to SDC members for my application, processing or endorsement?

No. Application forms are completely free of charge and selection of beneficiaries is based solely on academic merit, financial need, and availability of funds in a community’s Human Resource Development Allocation. Paying money to anyone during the application process is no full proof that you would be selected as a beneficiary. You do so at your own risk.

6.Which levels of education does the scholarship scheme support?

The scholarship scheme is available at the secondary, tertiary and post graduate level for some communities.

7. Do I receive a confirmation that my application has been received?

Yes, upon submission, applicants will receive a slip that certifies that their application has been received.

8. Can I apply if I am already on another scholarship package?

No, you cannot hold the NAkDeF scholarship in conjunction with a similar scholarship package from another institution. This is to allow other equally brilliant but needy students an opportunity to access educational support. Holding two scholarship packages at the same time would be rated inconsiderate and an abuse of resources. Persons found culpable would be taken off the NAkDeF Scholarship Schem.

9. Can I apply if I am already enrolled in school?

Yes, you can apply if you are already in school, below age 40, Ghanaian, a validated citizen of a community with a minimum of five (5) years residence and currently enrolled into a Government approved secondary/tertiary institution.

10.Does my choice of school affect my eligibility?

No. The scholarship is opened to students in public institutions with the exception of some community based private institutions. As part of validations, candidate’s credentials are subjected to a unique scoring system. An applicant’s choice of school (Public or Private) does not affect their eligibility, but determines their scores, which may affect their chances of being awarded a scholarship,

11.How are scholarship recipients selected?

Selection of recipients is based on three main factors; academic merit, financial need and availability of funds in a community’s Human Resource Development Allocation. Application forms are then validated by the SDCs and the NAkDeF officials to ensure that only the best qualified candidates are selected. .

12.How will I know if I have been granted scholarship?

Successful qualified applicants will receive a letter stating that NAkDeF has enrolled them into the Scholarship program.

13.How much is allocated to each student?

Initially, the fees allocated to each student varied among communities, based on the funds available in a community’s Human Resource Development Allocation. However, in order to effectively manage the scholarship process, a flat rate payment (which is in tune with government approved bills) has been agreed with the . A candidate shall be paid the flat rate allocated to their category of education.

14.Can I receive scholarship for a short course?


15.Can I receive scholarship for a post graduate programme?

Generally post graduate programmes are not supported. However, post graduate students may receive educational support from their communities where resources are available and consideration given by NAkDeF

16.Why are monies not paid directly to parents/beneficiaries?

It is to ensure that allocated fees are used for the intended purposes only. No scholarship award scheme allows direct payment of monies to parents or beneficiaries. It is against accepted practice

17.Does the package cover stationery?

A scholarship recipient shall be entitled to flat rate bursary, allocated to their level of education. The bursary allocations are based on government approved fee.

18.Will other school related fees, required to be paid in cash only be covered by the package?

No. Fees can only be paid in - in a non-cash form.

19.How is the Foundation going to handle late results submission?

NAkDeF understands that such issues may arise occasionally. Scholarship recipients with such challenges should contact NAkDeF for further discussions.

20.What will be the mode of payment for a beneficiary supposed to pay bills into different accounts?

Two different cheques will be provided for payment into the various accounts. Beneficiaries are to submit official invoices and accurate account numbers for such monies to be paid into.

21.Will beneficiaries currently enjoying scholarship at the secondary level, still be on the programme at the tertiary level?

No. Beneficiaries moving from secondary to tertiary education will have to reapply to the programme for tertiary institutions.

22.How will hostel fees be paid?

Cheques will be issued to the hostel’s accounts, which is to be provided by the applicant.

23.Are beneficiaries expected to pay any amount to NAkDeF after their secondary/tertiary education?

No amount of money is expected to be paid to NAkDeF. However, beneficiaries must be prepared to serve the community for three years immediately after completion when required or contribute in service/cash towards the Foundation and the development of the community as pledged in their signed bonds.